This page lets you know what has been updated on this site and where to find it as well as news and information on Archangel Productions' films. You will also find a diary of what's happening during the filming of productions and when it happened.


I only have until November 26, 2010 to meet/exceed my goal on Kickstarter to fund CRYPTID, a low budget B-horror movie. Please help me spread the word on this project. Paste the link below on your Facebook page, Twitter account, MySpace page, and any other forum you frequent.

The video on the Kickstarter page will explain the project.

A pledge of $1 or more will help me reach my goal. Go to Kickstarter.com by clicking the link below and check it out. There are great rewards for those that help, such as movies and posters. Please share this with your friends. It will help out in a big way!

Click HERE to make a donation and become a producer!

The BLOOD, FANGS & CLAWS Film Fest is coming to Glens Falls, NY!

On Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10, a double feature of locally made vampire action movies, THE TEMPTRESS and BLOODLUST will be shown at the Park Theater located at 14 Park Ave, Glens Falls, NY.

Two showings each day at 9pm and midnight.

Be there to meet directors Jeff Kirkendall and Michael Kazlo and get your very own Honorary Vampire Hunter License!

Admission will be $5.00.


Some good news. After schlepping BLOODLUST and THE VAMPIRE ASSASSIN around online for about five years I have signed a distribution contract with Goliath Arts (www.goliatharts.com) a professional consulting and distribution company based in Los Angeles.

Goliath has recently entered into an agreement with Global Broadcast/Eutelsat (www.eutelsat.com) a new telecommunications network and will be a content provider for them for the next fives years plus.

From the Eutelsat wesite: "Eutelsat Communications is the holding company of Eutelsat S.A., the leading European satellite operator and one of the three top operators in the world for the supply of fixed satellite services. Where the space, telecoms and audiovisual industries converge, our Group is at the heart of the new challenges facing the digital economy through its ability to make broadband facilities available for people to access information worldwide."

I will update you with the run schedule for BLOODLUST and THE VAMPIRE ASSASSIN. Goliath reps have told me that they have a spot for around February in Europe and Asia. Initial territories for Primary Channel Rotations may include: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Alto Adige province of Italy, Lichtentstein, Luxembourg, Denmark, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Montenegro.

- Michael


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