"An exceptional job by Kirkendall bringing us yet another top quality goth-like flick. Surrounded by excellent acting and a good solid story...THE TEMPTRESS is one to see. " - Unspeakable Magazine

"The Temptress" is a low budget film that offers up a campy vibe, an interesting story, and the promise that it will never bore you. " - The Bloody Good Horror Page

The Temptress Trailer from Archangel Productions on Vimeo.

The Temptress follows the exploits of three beautiful women living a subdued suburban existence. Their peaceful nights crash to an end when the evil and powerful vampire Angelique pays the girls a visit. With the help of her sexy followers she soon forces a confrontation between the two groups as the past comes to life and secrets are revealed... Other characters involved in this battle include a mild-mannered young man and a sadistic jewel thief.

Also included is the short film, 3 TO MURDER, which inspired THE TEMPTRESS.

Unrated - contains violence, gore and adult situations

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