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THE DOMAIN is the latest creation of Archangel Productions. Your host is Dr. GriGri, a 12 inch tall voodoo witch doctor who will be your guide into the realm of low budget independent films. Dr. GriGri transmits from THE DOMAIN, a dark void that connecting our world of the living to Necropolis, the capital of the Underworld. Check back every other week to see who or what Dr. GriGri will be discussing the latest in independent horror moviemaking with.

To receive notices of when future episodes of THE DOMAIN are being released please send an e-mail to archangelprodco@yahoo.com with the words DR. GRIGRI in the subject line and you will be added to the e-mail list.

If you are a filmmaker who makes low budget horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy movies and would like to visit THE DOMAIN and be interviewed by Dr. GriGri, Archangel Productions is accepting short and feature length movie submissions. Shorts are very welcome but must be in the horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy genres. Please visit the CONTACT INFO page to send a VHS, miniDV, or DVD to Dr. GriGri. Archangel Productions reserves the right to deny submissions for any reason.


Dr. GriGri's Movie Coroner

Bloodsucking Babes from Burbank


Shower of Blood

Strange Things Happen at Sundown

This Darkness

A Vampire's Tale


Blood Bound (coming soon)

Mrs. Amworth (coming soon)

Immortal (coming soon)

Episode 6 - Interview with Filmmaker Sean Gallimore (coming soon)

Dr. GriGri: A new type of horror host.

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