Dark Spider

Martin Luther King Day, February, 2007:

I had my first LIVE, or should I say, UNDEAD, interview yesterday with the beautiful and talented Dark Spider in New York City. Here's how it all happened:

I had the pleasure of meeting horror hostess, Dark Spider and her husband Ruben at Blood Manor, a NYC haunted house set up in a building on Manhattan's West Side. Ruben and I talked for about an hour just shooting the breeze, talking about what they plan on doing with the Dark Spider show what they've done with it in the past and their haunted house they hold during the Halloween season. He's a REALLY nice guy. He believes a lot of what I do about the pros and cons of indie film making, the ease and accessibility of the new and cheaper technology and how it affects low budget moviemaking, the Hollywood studio system, etc... He's very down to earth and easy to talk to. Not pretentious and has no "Hollywood" "we-have-a-TV-show-and-are-holier-than-thou" attitude. Dark Spider's the same way. They're both very nice people and you should add her as a friend if you can and visit her site and watch her stuff on YouTube.

The Blood Manor set is huge. It's actually several sets with different horror themes: one is vampiric based on From Dusk Til Dawn, another has a bunch of bodies hanging from the rafters in plastic bags like a meat locker and another is set up like a sitting room in an old manor. This is where Dark Spider interviews most of her victi- er, I mean guests.

Dark Spider, Ruben and I spent about another 45 minutes to an hour doing the interview and chatting. Unfortunately there's a club upstairs which, while usually closed on Mondays, must have had a private party and we needed to move to another part of the set. The rest of the interview was done, appropriately in the From Dusk Til Dawn vampire set.

The interview was A LOT of fun. I talked about BLOODLUST, the actors, my new VAMPIRE ASSASSIN movie. I did flub up a few times. I mean I was a little nervous and I actually forgot at one point what BLOODLUST was about, lol. They'll probably be in the bloopers at the end of the interview. It should be online in about a month or so and I'll keep you posted on it. I felt horrible towards the end because I had to catch the train back to Albany and I had about 15-30 minutes to get back to Penn Station, so it was a good thing Blood Manor was 10 minutes away. There was enough time to take some pictures with Dark Spider and say goodbye.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Dark Spider, Ruben and all the ghosts and creepy crawlies who haunt Blood Manor for allowing me to get caught in the Dark Spider web!

AS OF 2020: Dark Spider, aka Mandy, has been living a life out of the horror spotlight doing theatrical work, disconnected from social media. If she reads this I hope, Mandy, you can someday don the Dark Spider web outfit again and show everyone a horrifically good time as the horror hostess with the mostess!

Your fan,