The Vampires


As explained (horribly) in most Hollywood movies, vampires have walked amongst humans for millennia. Originating in Eurasia, they are an offshoot of the hominid genus, breaking off from the Homo erectus species roughly 250,000 years ago at the same time Homo sapiens did, to develop a new species: Homo wampyre.

Each early tribe evolved into its own clan, settling into different geographical regions across the Old World.

Eastern Europe has the Draguls. Russia has the Nosferati while Ireland and Scotland have the Clootis. Fah-Qu, Nomekop and the Takichi are all Asian clans. There are also legends, fairy tales, of African based clans but if they ever existed they died out long ago.

Vampires are not immortal. Natural vampires (those born vampyre) and those infected with vampiric venom, undergo a greatly reduced aging process than humans. The average vampire ages one year for every 75 to 80 human years. The oldest recorded vampire, who was one of the earliest ambassadors to unite the members of the Dragul clan and start a solidarity with the Takichi and Nosferati clans, died at the age of 8,153 years.

Vampires also do not burst into flames and become incinerated at the slightest exposure to sunlight, rather they are extremely sensitive to the sun's harmful rays, if left out in sunlight for an extended period of time, depending on each vampire's sensitivity, they will develop severe third degree burns to exposed flesh within minutes. While combustion of flesh has resulted in some instances, death usually results from the trauma of the burnt wounds.



A noble race of vampires inhabiting the Eastern European countries of what is present day Hungary, Romania, Austria, the Czech and Slovak Republics and south eastern Germany. They have developed a sophisticated and civilized society, meshing perfectly with modern day humans.

They are leaders in the business world focusing mainly on real estate, futures markets and pharmaceutical companies. The latter being that there is a movement within several of the clans to cease the need for bloodlust. A renaissance in both the way they act and live. To change from Homo wampyre to Homo sapiens both chemically and physically. To bathe in the afternoon sun instead of fearing it. For more on DRAGULS click HERE.


Described as being the most vicious and barbaric creatures on the planet the Clootis (aka Cloots) hail from the Celtic regions of Ireland and Scotland. Ancient Clootis warriors were the basis of the legendary Berzerkers, Vikings who would go "berserk" and fight in a wild rampage, massacring their enemies while not registering pain when severe wounds were inflicted.

This being so it is no wonder they have not managed to leave their Celtic strongholds. Modern Cloots can be identified by their large frames (adult males usually range from 5'10" - 6'7", 200-300 pounds while females range from 5'6" - 6'4", 180-220 pounds) and long hair usually styled in mangy dread locks or braids.

Even though efforts have been made over the last 600 years to keep the Clootis from invading the New World, recent Nosferati reports have the Clootis on the move, possibly readying for an invasion of North America, specifically the United States.



From the frigid tundra of Siberia come the Nosferati. A species of vampire that are unmistakable in their grotesque appearance. Both males and females have a sickly pallor of ashen white with a hint of blue coming from the veins that bulge and writhe under their waxy skin. The majority of males are bald with wisps of wiry hair coming out from above their large ears. Females, at least those with hair have a mat of grey on top of their heads that traditionally reaches their ankles.

Females are also the most aggressive of the clan, providing the family she belongs to with whatever fresh kill she can slaughter with her elongated fingers and pronounced, sharpened front teeth. Both sexes sport one of two eye colors: icy blue or bright red.

The Nosferati have an uneasy alliance with the Draguls, Fah-Qu, Nomekop and the Takichi clans and act as information gatherers, disseminating their findings to the leaders of each clan. Inside the buildings and warehouses they reside and work in resemble dusty, archaic offices from the 1930s and 40s with old style lamps flickering dim fluorescent light on large wooden desks.

Even though there is an alliance between the Nosferati and the other clans, they are to be watched... very closely.



Used primarily by the Draguls, Stalkers are genetically engineered vampires that are bred to hunt their prey, find it and kill it with the skill, persistence and ferocity equal to no other creature. They are feared even by the Clootis. Not much is known about the Stalkers. Most vampires do not even know they exist. The human equivalent would be that of a hit man but even that comparison would be an insult to a Stalker breeder.

Stalkers have a vascular system unlike any creature on the planet. They have no heart- literally. The circulatory system of a Stalker consists of muscular arteries and veins which constrict and pump the blood without the assistance of a central heart. This means that a Stalker can sustain more injuries as well as damage to areas of the body that would be lethal for an average vampire.

This means that short of cutting a Stalker's head off or inflicting damage to the brain, the only known way of killing a Stalker is through massive blood loss.

A self pumping circulatory system also means that a Stalker can perform more vigorous activities for longer periods of time such as sustained sprinting, swimming, climbing, et cetera... without geting tired.

There are both male and female Stalkers. Like their male counterparts, females are heavly built and very muscular. For more on STALKERS click HERE.







Whenever a vampire of any tribe or clan suddenly dies it does not go unnoticed by many. When a vampire dies at the hands of a mortal, all know.

Reports of vampires killing members of their own or members of other clans is extremely rare. This is primarily due to their wanting to preserve the population of their people and their allies.

For a human to kill a vampire, it is an almost impossible thing to accomplish. They don't usually live long enough to warrant a title. Those humans who have had the luck of killing three or more vampires are called Harbingers.

It is an honor vampires do not like to bestow. When they do it is usually posthumously. For more on HARBINGERS click HERE.



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