Behind The Scenes

The (Crossgates) Premiere (Thurs. Oct. 28, 2004)

The marquee

The BL theattrical poster

Shawn Schaffer with the much prized Bloodlust tickets.


Press Releases

The Post Star

The Times Union


The Vamps Scene (photos courtesy of Marissa Lanchak)

Amy (Vamp) Bell rocking the slit throat.

Amy (Informant's Assistant) Jarvis, Michael Kazlo II, Marissa (Vamp) Lanchak and Benson Ulrich.

The Vamps: Erin Powers, Amy Bell, Amy Breault, Marissa Lanchak and Crystal Galusha.

Michael helping Amy with her armblade with Samantha (Informant's Assistant) Legg in the foreground.

Michael shooting Marissa and Amy.


Tilley's Scenes

Nicole (HUNTER) Signore and her stunt double- Julia M. Roberts.

Nicole and Julia waiting between shots.


Druggie Scenes

Nancy getting ready for her shot

Tommy (REGRET) Russell Watkins

Michael Kazlo getting a shot ready

Lilian and Bill relaxing

Julia lounging and Nicole calling her agent


Apartment Scenes

Nicole waiting for the apartment scenes to be shot


Hunter - post Driver killing


Tarot Kids Scene (photos courtesy of Michael Wheeler)

Nicole, Benson, Michael and the vampire kids

Nicole receiving the death card

The kids lunging

Hunter - about to unleash her fury


Convent Scenes

Wilfred (FR. JOHN) Smith and Syrl (MOTHER SUPERIOR) Kazlo

Syrl Kazlo waiting between shots


Funeral Scene (photos courtesy of Michael Wheeler)

Michael Kazlo II shooting the funeral scene

Mother Superior, Sister Maria Hunter and Fr. John

The funeral scene with all the actors



Matt (THE STALKER) Kennedy fitting his teeth

Matt with his teeth in

Heather (INFORMANT) Blossom Brown fitting her teeth

Heather with her teeth in

Amy (INFORMANT'S SERVANT) Jarvis fitting her teeth

Amy with her teeth in

Samantha (INFORMANT'S SERVANT) Legg fitting her teeth

Samantha with her teeth in

Nicole doing Hunter's voiceovers



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